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Africa property market

Most investors have shied away from buying property on the African continent due to the constant civil unrest and strife that seem to plague it. However, buying Africa property is a very attractive option when you consider that the continent is a vast place with several countries that are big tourist draws including South Africa, Morocco and Egypt.

One of the biggest reasons to invest in Africa property is the outstanding value that you get for your money. As the cost of living is extremely low foreign dollars can go a long way. In fact, it is very easy to live like royalty in Africa given the current rates of exchange for the currencies of most first world countries. Another very big draw for investors is the relatively inexpensive yet high quality of labour and materials that can be purchased for the development of housing and resorts. There is also a huge number of world-class facilities and related support industries that cater exclusively to the needs and wants of the business executive as well as the wealthy traveler.

The real estate markets in some parts of Africa are definitely worth a second look. South Africa property is one of the most interesting investments available today for several reasons. Firstly this multi-ethnic cradle of civilization is located at the very tip of the African continent. Not only is a large part of the country surrounded by water but the sub-tropical eastern coast is a haven for beach lovers and surfers alike who flock to its pristine white beaches and roaring surf. The climate changes dramatically in the north-western part of the country where desert-like conditions are the norm. Regardless of the area South Africa is a stunning country with well-developed infrastructure and every modern amenity available including telecommunications, health services and information technologies.

There is plenty of culture and history in South Africa and local and international developers are constantly adding to the list of luxury leisure resorts that it offers. The business community has actually voted South Africa as the best Business Tourism destination in the world. Added to the many international calibre services and facilities is an extraordinary natural environment which includes everything from wild animals, teeming ocean life, bountiful flora and rich jungles. There are tours and experiences for every taste ranging from safaris to deep sea diving expeditions to relaxing golf getaways. With so much going for it, there is no wonder that Africa property is becoming more and more attractive to investors looking for more than just a place to park their money.

Read on and explore some of the most interesting facts on the regions of Africa and what influences their property markets.

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